Career Profile

I am a passionate professional software engineer and web developer with five plus years of experience, seeking a challenging and fun position with career growth potential. I am a cutting edge developer that strives to refine applications for usability and maintainability using Object Oriented design principles.

Skills & Proficiency



Git and Gerrit


JavaScript and Node.js

SCSS and Sass

Ruby on Rails







C and C++


Angular 1.x

SQL and C#, VB.NET

iOS Development


Software Engineer Senior

October 4, 2019 - Present
Education Media Foundation - Rocklin, CA
  • Perform Kubernetes infrastructure maintenance, manage infrastructure services, perform Kubernetes version upgrades.
  • Maintain Ruby on Rails application to manage broadcast infrastructure, manage equipment inventories, file FCC paperwork and provision equipment.
  • Migrate legacy applications from dedicated servers to AWS ECS.
  • Migrate legacy applications to Kubernetes, enhance with self healing features.
  • Maintain application for real time audio continuity monitoring, make sure we are not broadcasting silence.
  • Design plan for AWS account migration, move to infrastructure as code.
  • Migrate audio over IP monitoring application to Kubernetes, we need to process the real time multicast traffic.

Senior Cloud Software Engineer

November 5, 2018 - October 4, 2019
SUSE - Roseville, CA
  • Develop stories for Day 0/2 cloud installation UI. Cross product integration. IPv6 compatibility.
  • Develop automation for Kubernetes installation in libvirt vagrant environment.
  • Research and contribute to community next generation life cycle manager user interface.
  • Backport security fixes for various packages into SLE.

Engineering Applications Programmer II

August 7, 2017 - November 2, 2018
Education Media Foundation - Rocklin, CA
  • Maintain Ruby on Rails application to manage broadcast infrastructure.
  • Resolve issues related to integrating with third party vendor applications and equipment.
  • Automate audits of field hardware configuration to reveal misconfigurations automatically.
  • Triage and resolve issues related to field hardware and configuration.
  • I implemented a system to deploy applications to AWS ECS infrastructure.
  • I implemented a system to continuously destroy and recreate infrastructure nodes weekly to ensure OS patches are properly installed.
  • Implement monitoring system that collects time serries data using PostgreSQL and Telegraf.

Senior Platform Engineer

January 9, 2017 - July 31, 2017
Cloudstitch Inc. - San Francisco, CA
  • I implemented a command line interface for configuring backend resources, managing project deployment, update process and development server.
  • Using new AWS Lambda I implemented a user facing API services and resources.
  • Implemented a highly configurabe backend to automate the deployment of static websites based on office documents.
  • Implemented low latency system to track user interactions with API for purposes of tiered service levels.

Software Engineer

July 1, 2014 - October 28, 2016
HP & HPE - Cloud R&D Development - Roseville, CA
  • I implemented a multi-product focused build system using Node.js and Gulp, deployed on Linux. This enabled my team and I to deliver distinct sets of plugins for multiple products. Each product may have a slightly different set of features and functionality based on included plugins, which also enabled multiple teams to deliver independent and disjoint plugins without conflict.
  • On a daily bases used KVM virtualization to stand up cloud on six or more VMs with several virtual networks.
  • Using Python deployed on Linux I implemented a system that can deliver plugins post install; these optional packages can provide both back end plugins and front end plugins to deliver additional functionality.
  • Implemented, using Angular and JavaScript, a first time cloud installer wizard with more than ten steps and a complex network configuration validation.
  • Implemented many content pages for OpenStack services to manage back end resources and report cloud infrastructure health.
  • Used Angular, SCSS and CSS3 to implement dashboards with drag and drop.
  • Followed agile and Scrum software development methodology.

Mobile Software Developer

April 8, 2013 - June 30, 2014
HP - Printing R&D Development - San Diego, CA
  • Using Xcode and Objective-C added features to an existing iOS application; using Java and the Play Framework add features to existing back end API used in the iOS app.
  • I migrated back end service from Amazon AWS to HP Cloud using Puppet and Linux as a new web ops deployment scheme.
  • Started a new augmented reality app for Android and iOS, building data driven link functionality that enables users to unlock hidden data in image watermarks.
  • Started a new portal using Ember.js and Ruby on Rails for customer data creation and management, enabling users to link digital content to printed media using watermarks.
  • Utilized mostly pair programming and followed agile software development methodology.

Software Designer

May 1, 2012 - March 8, 2013
HP - Printing IT Development - San Diego, CA
  • I automated a factory quality assurance process, using and jQuery implemented a UI that enables the QA engineer to set quality parameters for families of products.
  • I used PL/SQL(Oracle stored procedures) to implement an automated job that takes the quality parameters and validates completed work orders of products. Rewrote a multi-nested SQL query that was used to find work orders in the same family for comparison.
  • Re-implemented old ASP pages in with small single page applications using jQuery, JavaScript and Handlebars.


Certified Kubernetes Application Developer

January 2020
Cloud Native Computing Foundation

California State University, Chico

August 2007 - December 2011
BS Computer Science Systems Option
  • Systems Architecture: Processor design and system design. Low level application development.
  • Networking (Intro and Advanced): Familiarity with NAT, TCP/IP, DHCP, Cisco IOS configuration, Routing (BGP, RIP) and VLANs.
  • Software Engineering and Software Engineering tools: Agile and Scrum methodologies and tools to facilitate engineering process.
  • Assembly Language Programming: 68K assembly programming, interrupts and hardware stack management.
  • Compiler Design (C++): Advanced Object oriented design to assist in runtime execution.
  • Programs and Algorithms II (C++): Linked lists, stacks, inheritance, priority queues, and elementary trees.
  • Object-Oriented Data Structures (C++): AVL tree, B+ tree, heaps, quick sort, hash tables, graphs
  • Programming for Engineers (C++), Digital Logic and Design
  • Calculus A, B & C, Differential Equations, Physics (Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism).

Hobby Projects

Rock - A web application that streams personal music from a home server or cloud storage. This project is in its third reboot using Node.js and Ember.js. I was using Ruby on Rails, Backbone.js and Cake PHP originally.
Rain - A web application that creates image galleries based on images stored in Amazon S3. The goal is to create an alternative to Facebook photos and Flikr that can be self-hosted. This was implemented using Ruby on Rails.
Tower - An electronics project to control a factory equipment light tower. I am currently working on custom PCB with Atmel ATTiny85.
DieRoller - An electronics project to replace all physical dice. I am using a hardware based random number generator to create a device that can produce die values for any number sided die and amount of die. With this project your friends can no longer blame your good luck on the rigged dice.

Open Source Project I have contributed to

FreePie - Programmable Input Emulator
I have submitted a pull request to implement Wii Remote Classic Controller support.
tmk_keyboard - Keyboard firmwares for Atmel AVR and Cortex-M
I have submitted and was accepted a pull request to implement XT protocol support for older IBM style keyboards.
sails-hook-jobs - Sails JS hook to add async background jobs, using agenda
I submitted and was accepted a pull request to add support for jobs implemented in coffee script.

Ruby Gems I have published

graphql_playground-rails - Ruby on Rails engine.
Rails engine that provides the graphql playground development tool for graphql based applications.
acme-r53-cli - CLI tool for Let's Encrypt
A CLI tool that can be used to get Let's Encrypt certificates for domains on AWS Route 53.